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MRS is an abstract collage artist who was born and raised in The Bronx, New York. As a young painter, she was greatly influenced by graffiti culture.


Her work is inspired by graffiti art’s relationship to temporality—an element not always obvious, visible, or identifiable to the spectator. Each layer signifies part of a story about the battle for space, and for ownership of a wall. MRS builds texture through different media such as aerosol and silkscreen. Textured materials are cut up and collaged back together into patterns. Through the use of textile collage, MRS combines art that is often perceived as being masculine, graffiti, with art that is often perceived as being feminine, quilting. The process is a simulation, and the product is an illustration of how the once-recognizable individual tag, word, or shape becomes hidden—sometimes illegible—as it becomes part of the collective image made of anarchic impulses.

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